Yogipace Women’s Bootcut Yoga Pants Review

​Whether you’re working out, running errands, or just lounging around the house, there’s nothing like a good pair of yoga pants. They’re comfortable, enhance the shape of your body, and provide support without being restrictive.

Yogipace Women’s Bootcut Yoga Pants are some of the most popular yoga pants available. They’ve mastered the bootcut style so many women prefer and are a great addition to your active gear wardrobe. Let’s take a closer look at the Yogipace Women’s Bootcut Yoga Pants to find out why they’re so popular.


​Supported Inseam in a Range of Lengths

One of the best things about the Yogipace Women’s Bootcut Yoga Pants is the inseam. First of all, it comes in five different lengths: 29”, 31”, 33”, 35”, and 37”. Because there is such a wide range to choose from, these pants are a perfect fit for women ranging between 5’1” up to 6’ tall. If you’re petite or extremely tall, you know how hard it can be to find a pair of pants that fits well. With these yoga pants, you don’t have to worry about that anymore.

These pants also have a supported inseam with double-layered stitching on the gusset. This allows you to do splits, run, or pose without worrying about the seam splitting. It provides stability without holding you back or restricting your motion.

87% Nylon/13% Spandex Fabric

Most brands the make yoga pants don’t use this much Spandex. Actually, they tend to use about 8%. Because Yogipace Yoga Pants use 13% Lycra Spandex, the material has a four-way stretch which allows for greater mobility. Plus, it helps the pants keep their shape and fit over time.

There’s more to love about the fabric. They’re not see-through so you don’t have to worry about any embarrassing visible underwear. Plus, the material is moisture-wicking which keeps you dry during your workouts and helps keep odor under control.

Features and Specifications

Yogipace Women’s Bootcut Yoga Pants are available in 5 different inseams. This means a perfect fit for women from 5’1” tall to taller than 6’.

87% Nylon/13% Spandex fabric is non-see-through, moisture wicking, and has four-way stretch that provides unrestricted movement.

The wide, comfortable waistband stays flat and won’t roll or bind.

Slight bootcut flair adds a nice silhouette that lengthens the look of the legs.

Seams are flat to prevent any rubbing or chafing.

Double-layered gusset provides increased range of movement.

There’s a hidden pocket in the waistband where you can hide small items.

Customer Reviews and Scores

Yogipace Women’s Bootcut Yoga Pants come in a wide range of sizes, including five different inseams. Because they’re made using 13% Spandex, they provide a four-way stretch that allows you to move freely without causing you discomfort or restricting your range of motion. If you love a good pair of yoga pants, you’ll really appreciate what these pants have to offer.

These yoga pants are really popular and well-reviewed. At the time of this writing, there were 706 reviews. Customers awarded the Yogipace Women’s Bootcut Yoga Pants 4.6 out of 5 stars.

Among the reviews, there were a few complaints. Some of the customers weren’t happy with the feel of the fabric. One even said, “These pants aren’t what I was expecting, but that is partially my fault for not paying more attention to the fabric content. I was hoping they were mostly cotton, but they are mostly nylon.”

Other customers felt that the inseam length was a bit off. One said, “Even the shortest one was too long” and, “I like the quality of the pants, but they are way too long.” Ideally, this problem would be solved by following the manufacturers guidelines about what length to order.

Overall, customers rave about these pants. One customer said, “I'm 5'11", so finding any pair of pants that are long enough can be rather difficult, even more so with yoga pants. These are wonderful- exactly what anyone who lives in yoga pants (like I do) or who wears them for actual yoga can appreciate.” Other customers said, “I was really impressed with the quality,” and, “Giving these a 5 star review because these are 100% true to size,” and, “By far the best weekend/comfy/fitness pant I have purchased in a very long time.”

With so many excellent reviews, the Yogipace Women’s Bootcut Yoga Pants are highly recommended.


In summary, the Yogipace Women’s Bootcut Yoga Pants come in a nice range of sizes and five different lengths. Because they use 13% Spandex in the material, these pants have a great stretch. They keep their shape and don’t restrict movement at all, perfect for striking any yoga pose or just lounging around.

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