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Exercise Yoga Mat With Carrying Strap

There are a ton of different yoga mats you can pick from these days. Everything from cheapo $10 mats at your local department store, to the $300 mats you can find in high end yoga studios.

With so many options, how do you choose one that’s going to have your back while you’re trying to focus and stretch? Before we tell you what we think is the best mat, let’s go over some of the problems you’re going to find with the wrong mat.

Then, you’ll understand why our choice is such a no-brainer.

BalanceFrom GoYoga Mat Features

  • Thick enough: When your mat isn’t thick enough, you’re going to be paying attention to the pains in your ankles, wrists, elbows, and the back of your head, instead of your breathing.
  • Wide enough: If a mat isn’t wide enough, every time you switch poses, you’re going to be hanging off the edges of it, pushing your joints into the hard floor.
  • Long enough: Unless you’re only 5 feet tall, the last thing you want to worry about is having your heels pushing off the mat, or the back of your head resting on the floor while you’re in savasana.
  • Doesn’t smell like chemicals: A lot of cheap yoga mats smell like chemicals when you get them, and continue smelling like chemicals for months after you start practicing.
  • Doesn’t get slick when it’s wet: Ever try to push deep into a pose when your hands and feet are wanting to slide around on the mat? Pretty hard to do!
  • Doesn’t get torn after a few months: With low quality materials, you get low quality performance. Then, when you’re digging deep into downward dog, your toes are going to push completely through the mat.

Why We Love The GoYoga Mat

So what do we pick as the #1 choice for a yoga mat? The BalanceFrom GoYoga ½” thick mat.

Purple High Density Exercise Yoga Mat

It measures 71” long, and 24” wide, to ensure you’re not going to be hanging off the edge at any time.

It’s also ½” thick, making sure that your bones aren’t going to be digging into the floor when you’re trying to push deeper into a pose.

Double sided non-slip surfaces mean you’re not going to be sliding around on the top of the mat if you start sweating, and the bottom of the mat will hold its position so you’re not going to have to worry about it shifting on you while you’re chasing poses.

It’s built using a moisture resistant material that is durable, while still being soft and supple enough to provide comfort while you’re down on the floor. You won’t have to worry about tearing holes in it if you use yoga socks or shoes.

It also doesn’t smell like a factory, off gassing strong chemical smells for months after you’ve bought it.

Every BalanceFrom GoYoga mat also comes with a carrying strap so you don’t need a bag. The strap also doubles to help you dig deeper in your poses, if you need that extra bit of help.

Get Yours Today

For less than $20, you’re not going to find another mat on the market with the same qualities as the GoYoga mat. Trust us, we’ve tried finding one. You can get your own by clicking on button below.

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