Sivan Essential Yoga 5 Piece Beginners Kit

Sivan Essential Yoga 5 Piece Beginners Kit

Today, yoga is a mainstream fitness activity. This unique form of exercise involves controlled breathing and meditation. Many beginners are eager to introduce yoga into their lives but are unsure of where and how to start.

The perfect way to begin is to enroll yourself in a yoga class or purchase a couple of DVDs that will teach you to master simple and complex poses.

However, before you get your fitness clothes ready, it is imperative you have all the essential items for your yoga session. Do not waste your time and money on purchasing and looking for yoga items all around the store and invest in a handy yoga kit, such as the Sivan Health & Fitness 5 Yoga Beginners Kit instead.

Features of the Sivan Essential Yoga Beginner’s Kit

The beginner’s kit includes the following items:

- Piece Essentials Yoga Beginners Kit
  • High Quality Material: All the props are made using high quality materials that are sure to last a long period. Sivan ensures the satisfaction of its customers and provides only the best products.
  • 6-Foot Long Cotton Straps: Still not flexible enough to master those complicated poses. Fortunately, this handy kit contains a 6-foot long cotton strap. These cotton straps are useful for helping your body bend, especially if you are unable to reach your hands and legs.
  • Two EVA Foam Yoga Blocks: The high quality yoga blocks increase flexibility and assist beginners in not only practicing new poses and positions but also maintaining the said poses for a longer period. These EVA foam blocks make complex bending exercises much easier, gradually helping your body become more flexible.
  • 68-Inch Long X 24-Inch Wide PVC Mat: The PVC non-skid mat will prevent your hands and feet from slipping during practice. Additionally, the thick foam and generous size allows beginners plenty of space to exercise and move around comfortably.
  • Carry Bag for Mat: Look trendy and hip by bringing along your new carry bag to yoga class. No longer will you have to worry about carrying a sweaty and sticky mat back to the car after your yoga class.

Pros of the Sivan Essential Yoga Beginner’s Kit

Here are some pros of the Sivan Essential Yoga Beginner’s Kit:

Yoga Beginners Kit
  • Visually Appealing: The beginner kits are available in two striking colors: blue and purple. You can check them out on Sivan’s website that instantly captivates the attention of others. With a kit so visually appealing, you would want to head off to the gym just to show it off.
  • Improves Flexibility and Muscle Strength: Purchase the kit if you are serious about switching to a healthier lifestyle and want to become more flexible. The handy tools, such as the yoga blocks and cotton straps, will help you build muscle strength in the most comfortable way.
  • Beginner Friendly: As the name suggests, the Sivan Essential Yoga Beginner’s Kit is beginner friendly and is perfect for yoga enthusiasts who want to stay fit and healthy. Additionally, the kit comes with tools you will require right away.
  • Multi-Purpose: Who said the kit could only be used for yoga classes? Use the kit for stretching and toning workouts or take it along to your pilates classes. The foam blocks will provide you the right amount of stability and balance. The long cotton strap promotes better extension, helping beginners achieve complex and difficult poses.
  • Convenience: Beginners no longer have to worry about purchasing all the equipment separately. The handy kit will provide them with everything they need.
  • Practice at Home: Don’t have time to head over to the gym? Invest in this handy kit and practice yoga right in the comfort of your home. When it comes to getting fit, you should have no excuses.
  • Excellent Price: The 5-piece yoga kit is available at a spectacular price that is definitely worth your money.
  • Portability: The trendy carry bag makes the yoga mat easy to carry to classes. Simply toss the bag in the back of your car or carry it on your shoulders.
  • Great Gift: The beginner’s kit makes a perfect gift for a young yoga enthusiast or family and friends who have always wanted to get fit. Teachers can purchase the kits for their dedicated students.

Cons of the Sivan Essential Yoga Beginner’s Kit

Here are some cons of the Sivan Essential Yoga Beginner’s Kit:

Sivan Health & Fitness 5- Piece Essentials Yoga Beginners Kit
  • Smells of Chemicals: Quite a few customers have complained that the mat smells of chemicals when the package is first opened. However, the smell wears off with time.
  • Slippery Mat: While the mat is thick and provides the beginner plenty of space, many customers have complained that it is slippery, causing them to slip or skid during exercises. However, this can be improved by placing a yoga towel on top of the mat. This will not only prevent you from slipping but will also eliminate the chances of bacterial contamination.


Sivan Essential Yoga Beginner’s Kit is a high quality yoga beginner’s kit that is available at an incredibly reasonable price. The portable kit is perfect for people who wish to attend daily yoga classes.

When buying a kit, it is recommended that the customer consider the type, size and portability of the product before brining it home. We highly recommend Sivan Essential Yoga Beginner’s Kit as it is one of the most affordable kits out there in the market.

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