Power Flex Yoga Pants

Power Flex Yoga Pants

It seems like there are hundreds of different manufacturers all creating yoga pants these days. Some are even daring to charge outrageous prices for their pants *cough* lululemon *cough*.

You don’t have to go out and spend $100+ on a pair of yoga pants, though, because the same quality materials and attention to detail can be purchased for much, much cheaper.

The 90 Degree Power Flex yoga pants by Reflex are created using the same high quality materials that the expensive brands are using, but come in at nearly 1/3rd the price tag.

Features Of The Reflex Yoga Pants

  • Perfect for all types of exercise, not just yoga. If you need pants for exercises other than yoga, like cardio, crossfit, or even just everyday use, the 90 Degree pants could be what you’ve been searching for, for so long. Reflex listened to their customers when they went back to the drawing board, and the 90 Degree pants are a result of that research.
  • High quality fabrics and stitching that conform, but won’t ride up. A lot of yoga pants use fabrics that either end up being see through when you bend over, or wind up with holes in them because they’re thin enough that multiple washings begins to deteriorate the material. These pants are put together with a highly specific blend of fabrics, with stitching in the right places to keep them from riding up on you when you move.
  • Great wicking properties that quickly pulls moisture away from your body. Overheating in yoga pants is a situation you don’t necessarily want to deal with when you’re trying to focus on your breathing. The materials used quickly pull the moisture away from your body, and provide enough breathing to keep your skin cool underneath.
  • Built in key keeper pocket. This is a huge problem with most yoga pants -- not having somewhere to safely store your house or car key without worrying about it digging into your skin as you move. The 90 Degree pants’ built in key keeper pocket keeps it safe, while also keeping it out of sight.

You don’t have to spend hundreds of dollars to get a few good pairs of yoga pants.

Power Flex Yoga Pants

Whether you’re just wanting to wear them around the house, or while you’re running errands, for those times you’re getting an intense cardio workout, or when you’re slowing down on the mat, the 90 Degree yoga pants by Reflex were designed with you in mind.

90 Degree spent a lot of time listening to what their customers wanted out of a pair of pants, and went to the drawing board to deliver exactly that.

Are The Reflex Yoga Pants For You?

High quality pants at a price that anybody can afford, that won’t ride up or bind when you least expect it, and wick moisture away from your skin while still keeping you cool. What more can you ask for?

Oh yeah, they also pass the bend over “see-through” test!

Ready to try them out? You can see the different sizes and colors of the Reflex 90 Degree yoga pants by clicking on button below.

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