Hugger Mugger Yoga Bolster Review

A yoga bolster is one of the most useful yoga accessories around. If you just started practicing yoga and have trouble getting into certain positions, a yoga bolster provides you just the support you need. It helps you keep your spine in alignment, soften your posture, or assist in opening the body.

For someone like me who got into yoga a little later in life, a bolster like the Hugger Mugger Bolster is a lifesaver. It helps support you as your work on building up flexibility and provides the right amount of support right where you need it. The Hugger Mugger Bolster is one of the most popular around. Let’s take a close look to see why.

hugger mugger standard yoga bolster

​Exceptional Firmness

The long, flat shape of the Hugger Mugger Yoga Bolster is an ideal shape for positioning it where you need it, but it’s the inside of the bolster that makes it so great. These bolsters are really firm and keep their shape over time. The inside has a foam core to maintain firmness. It’s surrounded by cotton filling which adds a slightly softer feel and adds durability.

Firmness is really important when it comes to yoga bolsters. The whole point of using one is to provide support. Without strong structural integrity, there’s no way it can do its job. The firmness of Hugger Mugger Bolsters is why they can support you in any pose.

Long Lasting Durability

We already mentioned that the inside of these bolsters is made of a solid foam core and cotton filling. These materials are of such high quality, they maintain their shape and integrity for a really long time. That’s not all, the covers are made of upholstery-grade fabrics and so it can tolerate a lot of wear and tear.

The most amazing thing about these bolsters is that each and every one is handmade in the USA. This kind of craftsmanship is rare and the quality really shows.

Features and Specifications

Hugger Mugger Bolsters are exceptionally well-made and have a firm core that maintains its integrity in all yoga poses.

Each bolster is covered in upholstery grade material that’s durable and long lasting.

The flat top and bottom create stability for effective support.

To help make these bolsters more portable, there is a convenient carrying handle on each end.

This bolster is the perfect size and shape for neonatal and restorative yoga.

They’re available in a range of different colors and patterns.

In addition to being functional, these bolsters are beautiful, too, and make a nice addition to any decor.

​Customer Reviews and Scores

The Hugger Mugger Yoga Bolster is and essential accessory for anyone who needs a little extra support while holding yoga poses. That said, it’s not only for beginners. Experienced practitioners of yoga will find plenty of use for it, too.

I found 37 reviews on Amazon at the time of this writing. Customers had awarded the Hugger Mugger Yoga Bolster 4.5 out of 5 stars.

Most users love the product, but there were some small issues raised by a few reviewers. Complaints centered on somewhat minor things. One user commented, “My 3 star rating is because I didn't feel the photo represented the colors well which was disappointing and so I had to return it on my own dime. Otherwise it's a great bolster.” When people who give 3-star ratings still state that the product is great, it’s safe to say it’s a pretty spectacular product.

Customers who use these bolsters have so many good things to say about them, it’s easy to see how they maintain such a high rating.

Other customers attest to the durability and general quality of the product. One said, “The bolsters at my yoga studio are 10+ years old and are holding up well and I've seen these at other yoga studios too. That's why I picked the same model.” Other comments include, “Product is first class,” and, “The quality of the bolster fabric is just what I expected - excellent,” and, “There is no better bolster than Hugger Mugger.”

Customers also love the look of these bolsters. One even commented, “...these bolsters are so pretty as well, and fit beautifully into my decor. I liked the first one so much that I got a second!”

With so many wonderful reviews and minor complaints, I can easily recommend the Hugger Mugger Yoga Bolster.


In summary, the Hugger Mugger Yoga Bolster is a supportive, durable bolster that provides the right amount of support you need when doing yoga. They’re handmade, extremely firm, and so durable that they can last for years and years. That and the fact that they’re so well-received by reviewers make this a great choice for anyone who practices yoga.

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