Gxmmat Large Yoga Mat Review

You might not realize the benefits of a large yoga mat until you use one. The truth is, they’re pretty remarkable and can actually change the way you work out. They’re perfect for stretching, yoga, and even more intense workouts. The best part? You’ll never feel limited or restricted due to the size of the mat.

Why is the Gxmmat the perfect mat for your home yoga studio? For one, it’s made of thick foam that provides a lot of support for whatever workout you’re doing and can help you have a more comfortable yoga experience, which is something I’m always on the lookout for. Let’s take a closer look. 

GXMMAT Large Yoga Mat

​7 mm of Thick, Dense Memory Foam

Because this mat is made of thick, dense memory foam, it provides enough cushioning to protect your joints without losing any support or stability. It protects your wrists, knuckles, knees, and hips during your workout and enhanced shock absorption helps to prevent sore joints and impact injuries. It also has excellent rebound resilience and maintains the same level of support from the beginning to the end of your workout.

Another great thing about this mat is that, even though it’s thick, it’s still easy to roll up. It comes with a bag that has three Velcro straps to keep it safe and secure. Plus, it stays flat when you unroll it.

Double-Sided, Non-Slip Surface

You don’t have to worry about this mat going anywhere, even on hardwood floors. The bottom has a matrix-circle pattern that prevents it from moving around during even the most intense workouts. If you have trouble with your mat shifting as you get into your workout, you know how annoying this can be. With this mat, it’s no longer a problem.

Not only is the bottom textured for superior grip, the surface is, too. The subtle raised textured prevents your hands and feet from slipping out of position so you can hold your poses longer. It also offers the stability you need to try things that are a little more intense, although this mat is not meant for cardio workouts.

GXMMAT Large Yoga Mat 6'x6'x7mm Extra Thick

Features and Specifications

The large size is great for yoga, stretching, or working out because you’re not limited by the size of the mat. While this mat is not made for high-intensity cardio workouts, it does make a great play mat for children!

Gxmmat uses only 100% non-toxic material that is completely safe and eco-friendly. They’re phthalate free, latex free, silicone free, and don’t contain any toxins.

This mat is lightweight, doesn’t tear, and stays flat when unrolled.

A carrying bag with three secure Velcro straps and a pair of gym gloves are included with purchase.

It includes a lifetime guarantee. If you’re not satisfied, just send it back to Gxmmat for a full refund.

​Customer Reviews and Scores

The Gxmmat Large Yoga Mat is a great mat for your home. The large size allows more freedom when working out because you don’t have to worry about moving off the mat. It’s great for yoga, pilates, and meditation and can even be used as a child’s playmat!

Although this product only has 4 reviews on Amazon at the time of this writing, I still feel that this is a good mat to recommend. It currently has a  4.3 out of 5 star rating.

One customer ended up with a torn mat which led them to give it a lower rating. That said, even though the customer was disappointed, they still said, “Love the mat and works great for what I bought it for...”

Other customers raved about this product. One customer said, “I can stretch my full length in any direction. I have used this mat for strength training, yoga, pilates, the mat has firmly stayed in place (no shifting during workouts) and shows no wear after heavy use. So happy with my purchase.” Another one simply stated, “Couldn't be happier with it.”

Although there aren’t a lot of reviews to go from, I feel comfortable recommending this product. Even the customer who had an issue still said they loved the mat which demonstrates that it’s a great choice for a home yoga studio.


In summary, the Gxmmat Large Yoga Mat is a great mat for doing yoga, pilates, or other light workouts in your home. The large size gives you a lot of space to stretch and branch out. It’s thick and cushiony enough to provide excellent support for your joints while still providing the support and stability you need or a safe workout. Most buyers were pleased with its performance and the one customer who had reason to complain still commented that they loved the product.

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