Exercising With Yoga Ball

DynaPro Direct Fitness Ball

The world has figured out that fitness balls aren’t just for fitness anymore. When you’re looking for a tool to compliment your time both on and off the mat, the DynaPro fitness ball is a great solution.

Using a fitness ball in addition to your stretching and to help you gain extra extension during your tough poses is a great way to help build up your core while also giving you increased flexibility.

Getting into poses while you’re using the ball forces you to stretch without your mind realizing what you’re doing -- making it easier for you to focus on your breathing.

When you’re not using it on the mat, you can use it as a desk chair to help stabilize the muscles in your lower back and abdomen, and reduce the stress on your bones that come from sitting in a standard desk chair all day.

Using a fitness ball as a desk chair will instantly increase your posture, which will help you remain flexible when it’s time to get back on the mat.

Use of the ball as a desk chair will help decrease time spent at the beginning of your yoga routine when you are warming up and stretching your muscles & joints. Daily use of the ball will also help your joints remain fluid and help you get deeper into your poses much quicker when you begin your workout.

Yoga Ball In Box

Some of The Notable Features on The DynaPro Fitness Ball

  • Highest quality, thickest PVC on the market, instead of the cheap vinyl that a lot of balls ship with. The thick PVC keeps air in it, but does require allowing 24 hours for it to flex enough to grow to it’s full advertised size.
  • Professional grade fitness ball that large commercial gyms and studios around the world rely on for their students and trainers.
  • ​Anti-burst tested to 2000 lbs, so you know that if the ball gets a hole, you’re not going to end up on the floor staring at the ceiling. The ball has been proven to create a slow leak when it gets a hole, instead of completely bursting.
  • Hand pump included, and it actually works! A lot of the foot pumps quit working halfway through blowing up the ball, but the hand pump that DynaPro includes has lasted for a long time, and still pumps the ball back up when it needs a bit more air.

Yoga Ball by DynaPro Direct

On top of being able to improve your posture, it makes sense why so many offices are making the switch from desk chairs to fitness and yoga balls. Being able to do yoga with it is just another added benefit.

On The Mat, Or In Front Of The Desk

A yoga ball is a great addition to your practice, and helps you use proper form in some of the poses that give you the biggest problems, especially as a beginner.

Yoga Ball At Desk

If you’ve never used a yoga ball in your routine, or as a desk chair, you have to take our word for it that the differences it provides in your posture and form are incredible! You can get your DynaPro ball by clicking on button below.

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