Clever Yoga Strap Review

Clever Yoga Strap Review

For anyone who wants help with perfecting yoga poses, or increasing their strength and flexibility, the Clever Yoga Strap is the tool for you. This strap helps you achieve a wider range of motion and bridge the gap so that you’re able to connect your limbs better.

Perfect Your Yoga With the Clever Strap

Simply use the yoga strap in conjunction with your standard moves, or let it help you achieve poses of greater difficulty. When you’re not performing yoga you can use to stretch, relieve pain, and increase your length and flexibility.

A yoga strap can add a world of possibility to your practice, so it’s just as important as having the right mat. Made with durable cotton and at 8 feet long, it’s the perfect size and material for durability. Clever Yoga covers all of their products with a 100% satisfaction guarantee for life, so you’ll never need to purchase another strap as long as you practice.

More Than Just a Yoga Tool

Although marketed as a yoga strap, this handy tool actually has other useful functions too. Firstly, the strap can be used as a simple way to increase flexibility so it’s ideal not just for yoga but other fitness regimes too. Whether it’s Pilates, weightlifting, running, or anything else, this strap can make you supple.

Secondly, anyone undergoing physical rehabilitation therapy will find this valuable as it’s a low impact way to stretch and increase your range of motion. The Clever Yoga Strap can be used to suit your pain threshold and flexibility as you slowly work your way towards improvement.

Finally, the Clever Yoga Strap is an invaluable tool for anyone who enjoys stretching as part of their daily routine or fitness schedule. This strap allows you to reach a deeper stretch with your muscles so you’re able to recover faster from grueling workouts.

Add Some More Moves to Your Repertoire

Just by adding this simple strap to your yoga practice, you’re able to open up a whole new world of poses and give a further range of motion to your existing ones. Some popular moves which were able to be enhanced by using this strap include:

Yoga Strap Workout
  • Seated poses – use your yoga strap during seated poses and wrap your legs to lift your sternum and give your hamstrings a greater stretch.
  • Binds – when you implement a strap every time you do a bind, you’re slowly improving your own flexibility so you can go deeper into the practice.
  • Balancing poses – for moves such as Extended Hand to Big Toe, having a strap can be invaluable at achieving this reach, particularly for beginners.

Great for Beginners and Professionals Alike

The problem with many yoga products nowadays is that they cater to either professionals or beginners, without much available to suit everyone. The Clever Yoga Strap is an exception, though, so as you advance through your yoga poses there’s no need to purchase another product.

For beginners, using this strap can help you achieve the more difficult moves as you’re starting out. This is perfect for those with limited flexibility who don’t want to feel limited in what they can achieve. Adding the Clever Yoga Strap to your yoga poses can help bridge the gap between reaches and give you a tool to use in between sessions to improve your reach.

Professionals will also enjoy the strap as it improves your posture and alignment, even when you’ve had years of practice. A yoga strap can help those who feel their strength or posture may be getting worse with age, as using this simple tool can give you back the flexibility you once had.


  • The Clever Yoga Strap is a lot longer than other so it’s great for people of all sizes. With the additional length, it makes even the most elongated poses possible no matter your height.
  • The cotton used to make this strap is extremely durable, so there’s no need to feel unsure about your safety. With such durable material, you can feel confident that it will last for many years even with everyday use in tough positions.
  • All Clever Yoga products are covered by a lifetime guarantee, which indicates just how strong this strap is. With just one product you can have a lifetime of assistance so you can continue to perfect your poses.


  • This strap is a little tough when compared to others on the market. As many people prefer to use a strap instead of a regular bath towel, they need to accommodate for this and provide a softer way to improve your yoga poses.
  • The width of the Clever Yoga Strap could be larger, as it’s sometimes tough to grip onto. Without this added thickness it’s hard to get complete stability as you’re performing stretches, which can take away from the functionality of the product.
  • Although a necessity for adjusting the length, the buckle can become a little uncomfortable in some poses. There may be the need to adjust slightly so that the buckle doesn’t become wedged into your body as you perform certain moves.


No matter whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned professional, you’re able to find a lot of use out of a quality yoga strap. These straps are generally the next purchase after a yoga mat that helps to extend your variety of poses and improve on your form at the same time.

 Red Yoga Strap

Currently priced at just $10, the value for money with this strap is amazing. Clever Yoga has a 100% lifetime satisfaction guarantee on their products so for $10 you can be ensured a lifetime of use from this one amazing tool.

The quality of materials is evident on first use, and although the cotton may feel a little tough this will tend to wear down as it ages. Considering the multiple uses and versatility for such an affordable product, there’s no reason not to purchase the Clever Yoga Strap today.

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