Burnout Racerback Yoga Tank Top

Burnout Racerback Yoga Tank Top

Style, and functionality. That’s what you get with the Burnout Racerback from Epic MMA Gear.

You can tell by the name of the company that produces these great tank tops that they are designed with fitness in mind.

A lot of tank tops end up getting in the way while you’re down on the mat, but these were designed to stay comfortable and tight to your body, while also being “flowy” enough to breathe when you need it.

Burnout Racerback Yoga Top Features

What’s so great about these, compared to the more expensive tops?

  • Racerback design, that provides just enough support where you need it, and flexibility everywhere else. You don’t have to worry about things moving around, or fabric binding up as you’re switching from pose, to pose.
  • Authentic burnout texture, a feature so many yoga and fitness buffs have fallen in love with. There has been a massive rise in popularity for this type of top, with a lot of manufacturers simply printing the design. These are a true burnout texture.
  • Good for all types of exercise. Whether you’re into doing yoga alongside your Crossfit routine, or while you’re jogging, the Razorback Burnout by Epic MMA Gear will end up being your go to tank top whenever you’re ready to get active.
  • Wicks away sweat and moisture, for staying cool even during your most intense workouts. The material pulls the moisture away from your skin, instead of letting it roll down and pool in the areas you’d rather not have it. As the material begins wicking away the moisture, it will help cool you off and keep your core temperature down -- letting you push even harder.
  • Soft and comfortable, so you can wear them all of the time, even when you’re not on the mat. A lot of customers have reported not wanting to take them off because they are so comfortable, and only get softer after each time you wash them!

What’s Your Comfort Worth To You?

You can use a regular tank top when you’re stretching, but you’re going to quickly realize that they’re not designed with fitness in mind.

Burnout Racerback Yoga Tank Top Combination Three

Or you can spend a lot more money on a shirt that may do the same things (not ride, wick moisture, stay comfortable, and last a long time) as the racerback top from Epic MMA gear, but why would you do that?

When you can get 3 racerbacks for the price of what you would pay for 1 at your local studio or fitness center, it makes buying them a no-brainer. Save your money, and get the same quality as the tops you find for 3 times as much at the gym.

Measure Twice, Order Once

Just make sure to measure your bust, and waistline, so you know which size to order. Some customers have reported these being smaller than what’s actually advertised.

If you like your shirts on the tighter side, get the size you would normally order. If you want them to flow a bit more, order one size larger.

You can get yours in a wide variety of styles, and packs of 3 by clicking on button below.

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